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Website Hosting

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It is common knowledge that every website requires a website hosting account to remain ‘live’ 24/7, 365 days a year. An insecure hosting account that goes offline often will cause you to lose some business. Acquiring & maintaining a good website hosting account that features over 99.9% uptime is vital for the prolonged success of your business.

Each website hosting account is different, and depending on the size of your website, how much traffic your website receives, how many e-mail accounts your team require & what type of application(s)/functionality your website requires, the cost of website hosting will vary. Unlike other web hosting companies that only provide fixed hosting packages, LNTEK Inc. can customize a hosting account just for you. This way, we can extend any cost savings directly to your clients.

Why LNTEK for your website hosting?

  1. Our uptime has been over 99.9% for the past 12 years.
  2. We offer customized web hosting packages, specifically tailored for your website(s) needs.
  3. Hosting your website enables us to maintain & update it with more ease.
  4. We are a local business, and if something should happen to the server, we can handle it promptly. LNTEK works with data centers to keep your website live 24/7.